Why Eating before going out for a drink is a good idea

Ever gone out for drinks with friends and landed up eating butter chicken at a dhaba at 1 am after scuffing down a few Old monks and drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend? Considering that according to a study by WHO in 2014, the average Indian male drinker over 15-years-old consumes 33 litres of alcohol a year. I can safely say most of us have been there.

As you have probably figured out, eating late at night after drinking isn’t exactly the most practical choice, For one there are very limited places open, you’re too drunk to enjoy the food and according to science it doesn’t help sober you up! That’s right, science has debunked one of those lies everyone tells their friends after a night out. “Bhai kuch kahan le, uttar jayege”.



Eating after a drink is a little too late as the alcohol has already entered your bloodstream, so is there no way food can help you from getting completely and utterly wasted? Well no and yes, you see eating before a meal can be very helpful, infact if you notice that’s what people in Europe do, they eat dinner at like 6 or 7 in the evening (Weird, I know) then proceed to go out drinking. The benefit this gives is that the alcohol lines the stomach and gets you drunk slower. Slower is the keyword here, because if you drink enough no amount of lining your stomach is going to sober you up.

So why haven’t we been doing this for years?! Well I have no idea, honestly I didn’t know this till I started researching for this article. But tomorrow is a fresh day, a fresh chance to get drunk and fresh chance to do it responsibly by eating beforehand.



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