Things that go through every working man’s mind on a Monday morning

It’s Sunday evening and you are lazing around or out with friends, when a sinking feeling sweeps you! It’s a feeling you know all too well, the next day is Monday, the dreaded week begins. If you are anything like me here is a list of things that go through everyone’s mind when Monday arrives


1. 5 more minutes…. Please?
You put the alarm clock on snooze constantly, while bargaining for just a bit more sleep. Whether you decide to skip breakfast or bathing, we all try to get as much sleep as possible out of the morning.

Alarm clock Late.jpg

2. Screw this I am quitting!
Who hasn’t considered calling it quits and just starting their own business or leaving for a life of travel? Monday morning brings out these and many more dreams of a life away from work.


3. How do I get the best seat on the metro/ How do I avoid traffic?
As if going to work wasn’t bad enough, you’re also going to have to deal with traffic on the roads and smelly people on a crowded metro. Not a great start to the week.


4. Oh god?! I need to finish that report today
Remember that report that you left for your future self to deal with while dashing out of the office on Friday? Well you kind of have to now, the dawning of this realization is bound to make the day all the less merry.


5. What if my office burned to the ground over the weekend?
You play out every scenario and hope for an incident that will help you avoid going to office, whether that is the office getting raided by the CIA, a plane falling on your building, or it getting burned down.

Office fire.jpg

6. Only 5 days to go
The countdown begins the moment you step into office, you start waiting for Friday night when you can once again get drunk without worrying about having to get to office in the morning. Ah weekends what a wonderful thing to look forward to!

5 days.gif

So as you gear up for Monday, do let us know if we missed anything, is there anything you think of on Monday mornings that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments section.

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