12 things you shouldn’t do on your first date

  1. Boast about yourself

I know your mom things you’re the most amazing thing to hit the earth since butter chicken but wait at least a few dates before boasting about it. She doesn’t need to know how much money you’re making or how much you bench, on the first date unless you want to come across as a self-centered jerk (You don’t want to..trust me)

Salma Hyke Brag.gif

  1. Be mean to the waiter

A girl judges your character by how you treat those below you. They really do, if you come across as an ass to the poor waiter who is earning minimum wage, then god knows what kind of man you might be. For all she knows you could be stealing candy from babies too! As the scene in Munnabhai 2 rightfully depicts guys who are rude to the waiter don’t get the girl.


  1. Forget to tip

While we’re talking about being nice waiters or any other support staff, we should probably remind you to leave a tip. You’re probably thinking “I just spent a fortune on this meal, why the hell should I tip the damn guy.” But suck it up, unless you want to look like the most ‘kanjoos’ AKA ‘cheap’ guy. Just so you know this includes times when they charge you service tax too!


  1. Talk about your ex

No! Just no! Do not under any circumstances feel the need to rehash the heartbreaking tale of your previous love, the romantic dates, the sensuous sex, the filmy breakup. She doesn’t need to nor does she want to hear it. Even if she brings up exes, avoid details. If you play your cards right, there will be time for that later.


  1. Get drunk

First dates can be nerve racking and alcohol is a great source of courage. So you might assume “Hey, maybe if I am drunk I’ll be able to speak to her” That would make a lot of sense, except booze is also a great source of stupidity! And no one likes stupid on the first date.

im drunk.gif

  1. Be sexist

Under no circumstance and we mean that, ever make a sexist remark on the first date. Sexist jokes can be hurtful to women. While you might not mean it literally and are just having fun, she might not realize it. It’s the 21st century buddy, treat her like an equal and don’t make fun of her parking.


  1. Bitch about her friends

Her friend Radha is a bitch, you know that, she knows that and we’re sure the whole world knows it. Nonetheless, you can’t say it to her. Only she gets to bitch about her friends, you just need to seem interested in her bitching. Control the urge to vent about her friends, till a few dates later when she likes you enough to not care.


  1. Lie

We all tell a few lies in our dating lives, but when you’re on the first date try to keep them to a minimum. Because if you expect to see that girl going forward, those lies will probably catch up to you. Also, as I have said before she isn’t dumb and she won’t believe “My BMW has gone for service, so I came in my WagonR instead”. Even a small lie if caught could make you untrustworthy in her eyes.


  1. Reach late

They say “It’s rude to keep a lady waiting” and they are completely correct. When you show up late it shows her two things. Firstly, you don’t care enough to be there on time and secondly, you aren’t dependable. Kid, women like their men dependable.


GIrl Waiting.jpg

  1. Open yourself up… too much

Tell her about your life but keep something for later. Women appreciate a little bit of mystery. She might even find it weird that you’re sharing so much because dude she is practically still a stranger at this point. Don’t freak her out, with your autobiography.

eye roll.gif

11. Look at your phone
The urge to check the score or check that email will have to wait till after the date. Everyone likes attention and your date won’t be any different in that respect. She is going to expect to be the center of attention on your date. Don’t be an ass, if you can’t wait to check your phone, at least excuse yourself to the bathroom and do it.

12. Try to get in her pants
Scoring on the first date, in India that’s about as common as clean air in Delhi. Unless you are sure and she has literally spelled it out, avoid the urge to make the move, be a gentlemen escort her home and be on your way. Good things come to those who wait.


Avoid these mistakes and you might just get a second date.

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