9 things every man goes through when he has a crush

  1. You constantly talk about them

If your friends didn’t find you annoying earlier, they certainly do now because she is your favorite topic. You tell your friends about your conversations, messages and her every interest (Painting, dancing, Big Boss, etc.)



  1. You watch over them from a distance

Suddenly you find yourself protective about a person you barely know. You make sure you gaze at her from a distance, watching her laugh and making sure she is safe. Some people call that stalking but hey totally different when you do it…..

Stefan protective stare.png

Image rights: CW


  1. You get insanely jealous when she talks about another guy

If you think getting hit in the head with a hammer hurts, try sitting there while the girl you have a crush on talks about how some other guys is just the sweetest. I guarantee, it’s probably the worst form of torture.

Jealous guy.gif


  1. Daydreaming about her becomes your favorite pass time

Your hobbies, work, and social life all go to hell, due to the fact that you are busy lying in bed day dreaming about how splendid life will be once she is with you.



  1. Grooming suddenly becomes a priority

The beard your mother has wanted you to shave for months, the bath your roommates have been begging you to have. They all magically become number one on your to do list, when even the slightest possibility of meeting her arises.



  1. Her Facebook and Instagram become daily hubs

You’re the first person to see her status updates, the first to gush at her new profile picture and start the day with a daily ritual of visiting her social media accounts to ensure that her relationship status hasn’t changed.

fb instagram checking.gif


  1. You get really nervous around them

Words become impossible to formulate, common sense becomes uncommon. Basically you get dumber than you have ever been and probably constantly embarrass yourself, but don’t worry women find that cute.. sometimes!



  1. …did I mention really clumsy

You can sum this one up once again to the lack of support from your brain.



  1. You either make a move or you move on

Eventually you feel those emotions pass, you realize that what you had for her was momentary and while she is amazing she isn’t the one for you OR you weeks turn to months and you realize that you perhaps that feeling is turning into more than a crush. If that happens don’t overthink it, Just make your move!




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