4 Beard Grooming tips to help Indian men through summer


Summer is upon us. Which means shorts, flip flops and shaving! Wait what? No one likes shaving. Beards have had a renaissance in the last few years. Men like growing them and women love playing with them. The problem is the common myth that a beard is not suitable for the Indian heat. The truth is that beards don’t make you feel warmer and they aren’t a problem if maintained right. We have complied a list of few things you can do this summer to ensure your beard beats the heat:

  • Wash it regularly: In summer months your beard requires the same amount if not more care than the hair on your heard. On hot days your beard is bound to get sweaty and dirty (given the pollution in our country). Consider getting a beard shampoo and using it twice a week. It will do wonders for your beard.


  • Work some Beard oil into the mix: Now washing your beard does have one disadvantage, it dries it up quite a bit, nothing worse than a dried up and hard beard. This is where beard oil comes in. The name pretty much explains it- Oil that you apply to your beard. This will take the dryness right out of your beard. (Pro-tip: Don’t use one with a woody or strong smell in the summer)


  • Keep a spray bottle handy: This is a pretty cool trick I picked up online a couple of months back. Use a spray bottle on your beard on a hot summer day, it will instantly cool you down. This might not be related to grooming your beard but it’s definitely a hack.


  • Consider a quick trim: While shaving your beard because its summer is a bad idea, one should consider trimming it if all the above mentioned activities are too much work. This will give your skin more access to air and will make cleaning it many times easier.

Now that you have these tips handy go on and make us proud, grow a badass summer beard. Feel free to share your beard pictures with us on Twitter, our handle is @indianmansden


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