The end of Playboy as we know it and what it means for men’s magazines

As most of you may have heard, Playboy is on sale for $500 Million, this includes the magazine, cable network, licensing rights and even the Playboy mansion. So if you have a cool half a billion feel free to pick it up and invite me for a kickass party.

The sale of Playboy marks the end of an era, Playboy has been an icon of male culture and lifestyle for the better part of the 20th century. Started in 1953 by Hugh Hefner from his dining table, Playboy has been a mainstay of many men’s lives.

This article is not to report the news its sale nor to discuss Playboy’s legacy, I’m sure enough blogs and papers will cover that. What I would like to discuss is how this signals a change in the way male magazines and portals are viewed. The advent of Playboy led to a seismic shift in how men’s magazine’s operated, while before playboy there were some magazine’s that featured nude people (men & women), these were nudist magazines and often featured less than ideal looking individuals. Playboy on the other hand featured a lot of beautiful models nude, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why they succeeded.


The company is today a licensing juggernaut with deos, jewellery and much much more featuring its iconic logo or name. It has Playboy TV and ofcourse the mansion which has held many legendary Hollywood parties over the years. Despite this Playboy is not doing so well and has seen a drop in revenues in the last decade.

The biggest challenge for Playboy has without a doubt been the advent of internet porn, why would anyone go out and purchase a magazine when they can see all the nude women they want online for free? So Playboy had to change their strategy. In all fairness to them they have done that, As of March 2016 Playboy no longer features nude women. What does this mean?

Well it suggests a welcomed change in what men’s publications do. Till date they all focused majorly on one thing- SEX. I’m not saying that is not important, we ourselves plan to work towards helping men become better at it, respect it and understand the emotions behind it and there are a number of publications that do the same. What will decline however is the focus on “Nude magazines”, more and more publishers are set to focus on advising men, helping men understand their role in an ever changing society and just improving men’s lives.


So don’t fret about the end of Playboy as we know it, there is always porn (Like you didn’t know that) if you want to see women you can never have strip down! Instead welcome the fact that we are entering a new era that will be better. No matter what we will always have the larger than life aspirations that Playboy and Hugh Hefner left us all with, which will probably outlive even Hef himself.




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