What being wrongly convicted of rape does to a man – Delhi man acquitted of rape after 4 years

The post December 16th 2010 environment in Delhi was tense, the whole city was shocked and we were lashing out, looking for harsher punishments for rapists. While that was a good cause to fight for, it left a lot of collateral damage in its wake.

One man who for no fault of his was caught in this aftermath was a 28 year old event organizer/ model. After spending the last 4 years fighting a case he has finally walked out of jail but not without the stigma of being a rapist. Here is his story –

“I was 25 years old when I met the girl through a friend in an event. She from then on began pursuing me to help her get some part-time work so that she could bear her expenses during her stint. On the day of the incident, she accompanied me to a meeting and on our way back, we went to my apartment in south Delhi along with my two other friends. We partied and then she was dropped home by a friend. The very next day she texted me and enquired about her lost earring. I do not know what happened after that. On February 5, 2013 an FIR was lodged against me accusing me of raping her,” he told MAIL TODAY.

She accused the man of forcing himself on her five times before he raped her.

He further added, “I was immediately arrested due to the pressure owing to the Nirbhaya incident and my bail was rejected. My name was flashed on channels for over a week. I had to share space with other criminals in Tihar for a year. With a bachelor’s degree in finance, I was planning to move to Germany but the whole incident changed my life. My passport was punched along with the license. As time passed, I lost my friends. Today, I am not left with anything. Even though I have been acquitted people are always going to be suspicious of me.”

Even, though the law did acquit the man after finding the statement of the girl to be unworthy of credence. Did justice really prevail? The man (Who has apparently chosen to remain anonymous) has  after a long ordeal been found innocent, but still society looks at him with suspicion and he will never be able to get back the last 4 years of his life. Friends this could happen to you too, so please stay vigilant.

If you’d like to read more about this story please visit IndiaToday.in



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