5 Instagram handles every aspiring Indian Entrepreneur should be following


No longer is having a 9 to 5 an attractive option for Indian men. The rise of a plethora of successful startups such as Ola, Oyo rooms, Bira and more has made entrepreneurship a realistic opportunity for dreamers everywhere. The envy of everyone’s neighborhood isn’t Sharma ji’s son who got a job at TCS for 12 lakhs a year, but instead Mehra ji’s son who started an office in his garage and is on the verge of getting funding.

The journey of an entrepreneur while having been glamorized recently, is still one, that is full of ups and downs. Here are some Instagram accounts to follow, which will help inspire you when things get hard and you need a bit of a kick to keep going.


  1. @entrepreneur

What’s in a name, right? Apparently a lot, the Instagram account of entreapreneur.com offer a lot of insight into the life of an entrepreneur, while also sharing links to webinars with established entrepreneurs and also throwing in a few inspirational quotes for good measure.

Entrepreneur Insta.PNG


  1. @thezigziglar

When you follow the page of a motivational/life coaching company, there is bound to be some inspiration involved. Ziglar Inc’s Instagram page gives you exactly that, while not focused only  on entrepreneurship this page provides quotes that are coffee for the soul.

Thezigzglar Insta


  1. @business.king

A Luxury lifestyle is very good inspiration for anyone. Business King has all that and more. Add that to the traditional mix of motivating quotes and you have a sure shot follow.


Business King Insta.PNG


  1. @bangbangmotivation

Speaking of motivational quotes, big bang motivation brings a whole lot of that your way! It kind of reflects what young entrepreneurs everywhere are feeling. So hit this Instagram page up every morning for inspiration to take charge of the day.

BangBangMotivation Insta.PNG


  1. @foundrmagazine

Given the cyclic nature of business and entrepreneurship, it is only fitting that we end this article in the same way we started – Talking about an entrepreneurial magazine! Foundr’s Instagram is different in as many ways as it is similar to Entrepreneur’s. Foundr however differentiates itself with infographics, magazine & podcast links, and whole host of other original content.



That’s our list folks, do tell us what you thought. Did we miss an inspirational Instagram page you follow? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to ‘Stay hungry and Stay Foolish’.


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