Here is why the relationship between an Indian man and his mother is special

The relationship between a mother and her son is special and I don’t mean in a Freudian way but in a beautiful and mind baffling way. Every boy grows up with this mother being his first friend, companion and guardian (That never changes). Let’s explore this bond a bit further.

There is no psychological or rational way to explain a mother’s undying love for her child. Remember all those nights you were ill and she stayed up through the night to take care of you or when she slogged through the day to help you finish your homework. Mother’s never think twice about spending their time taking care of you. No matter what she might be going through, she will always put your needs first; For example, She will sell her jewelry to pay for you education if need be and makes sure to that you have eaten, even if she hasn’t. Why? Because she believes in and loves you, more than anyone else in the world does. No matter how crazy your dreams seem, she will be the first person to support you and advocate that you are capable of anything!

Mother and son.jpg

This relationship changes as we grow up, move out and get married but the foundation always remains the same. No matter how good our wife cooks or how well we learn to cook, the best food will always be ‘Maa ke haat ka’ (Translation: Made by mother’s hands). She will still worry sick about your diet, career and happiness in general. That is what Mother’s do, they love us from the day they conceive us till the day they depart this plane of existence.

So go give your mother a tight hug and tell her how much she means to you, that will mean more to her than anything, and when she gets old be there for her as she was for you throughout your life. She deserves no less than your love, support and respect because as the old saying goes “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.”

Happy Mother’s Day


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