An Indian man’s guide to tipping

Lads, I hate to break it to you but tipping is important. In India, about 40% of the population doesn’t tip & a good 20% probably tip way too much in the hopes of showing off (you know who you are) or getting some kind of special service. The rest are confused about how much of a tip is appropriate. We here at the Indian Man’s Den understand this problem and through research and a few embarrassing tipping experiences bring you our guide to tipping in India.


The appropriate amount is usually about 10% of the bill. This however depends on the service, if there is a fly in your food no tip is probably required but on the other hand a slightly higher tip of 15-20% is appropriate if the service staff have gone out of the way to make your night special.

Delivery Boys

Once again depending on the service the tip should range from anything between 10-20%. No need to tip if he shows up 3 hours late with a cold pizza



Your barber is someone you probably want to keep on your good side (Unless you want to look like a villain from a horror film), and for that reason it’s wise to tip them a slightly higher amount of say 15-25%. This is especially true for low end barbers, who charge 50 to 100 rupees for a haircut. Tip right and you will always have sublime hair.


I know you don’t need to tip you maid, but what I mean here is her bonus. It’s socially expected and probably fair that you give your maid a bonus for holidays like Diwali and Holi. There is no common number for this, but to stay on the safe side you should probably give her about 25-50% of her monthly salary. Way higher than the rest of the list, we know but it’s worth it. Finding a new maid is a hassle.


You know all those nights you decide to go drinking, and just figure “Hey, my driver can wait for me”. Well you kind of need to pay him for that. The tip completely depends on how late you’re going to be. Our recommendation would be a simple Rs 50 to 100 per hour + some money to eat & have chai.


Bellhops need to be tipped, not tipping a bellhop is very much frowned upon. I mean for god sake they do carry massive bags for you! If you’re in India I’d say Rs 50 in a 3 Star or below and Rs 100- 200 in a 4/5 star. There is no need to give more than that, unless you’re a schmuck.

Fell wiser yet. We know parting with money sucks, but tipping is a big part of a lot of service people’s livelihoods. Tipping will also ensure that no one spits in your food. Let us know if you want us to go over tipping for any other professions in the comments section below.

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