This video shows you the 8 types of Indian girls you meet on Tinder

Tinder is India is interesting to say the least. If you’re a man who uses Tinder in India then you probably have your fair share of horror stories. The below video explores some of the kinds of women you encounter on Tinder in India and I can personally vouch for the fact that most of these stereotypes are pretty accurate. Check it out and let us know if you think this video is on track or if it is missing any type of girl you’ve met on Tinder?

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Is the secret to attracting women in their nose? Science says yes

Growing up we all used to watch Axe deodorant ads on television. The premise of these ads was always the same, man sprays Axe, man sees woman, woman literally tries to rip his clothes off! If there was ever a reason to wear deodorant it was this. Now I used Axe for many years growing up and never had this happen to me. Suffice to say I was rather hurt. So are deodorant brands just really good at advertising or is smelling good really the way to a woman’s heart and perhaps her pants or is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Firstly, what we need to understand is that women and men at first glance notice different things in the opposite sex, for men it is the body shape of a woman/her looks (No prizes for guessing that) but for women they make their first impression of you based on the way you smell. A number of studies have shown that women are able to detect the biological compatibility of a man simply from signals in their smell.

Smell bad

How does this work? There are a number of theories on this. One of the major ones is that the pheromones in our sweat communicate interest with potential mates subconsciously. One test concluded that women could even smell sexual arousal in a man’s sweat. Disgusting? Yes, but it does prove that when you’re desperate to get laid women can subconsciously notice it in your sweat.

At the end of the day all said and done, smell is not going to be everything. It will however ensure that you get noticed by a girl and while some theories as mentioned above have said that women can smell how compatible they are with you (subconsciously), I feel based on asking a number of women that it is a combination of things, with smell being just as important as personality, style and grooming. What we conclude from all this is that women’s noses could very well be a deciding factor in the complex game called dating. So boys next time you go out don’t forget to shower and throw on a dab of aftershave! You can thank me later.



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What do the ‘Friend Zone’ and an interview have in common? Find out

Do you really like a girl, but no matter what you do, she keeps dating douchebags (that aren’t you) and complaining about them to you? Well then buddy, you’re in the notorious ‘Friend Zone’. Being in Friend zone is difficult because you have all duties of a boyfriend but none of the ‘benefits’ (If you know what I mean). It’s nothing to be ashamed of, every guy at some point or the other has been friend zoned. The hilarious video below uses the analogy of an interview to perfectly display how men get sucked in to the Friend Zone. Enjoy and let us know about your friend zone stories in the comments section below

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9 things every man goes through when he has a crush

  1. You constantly talk about them

If your friends didn’t find you annoying earlier, they certainly do now because she is your favorite topic. You tell your friends about your conversations, messages and her every interest (Painting, dancing, Big Boss, etc.)



  1. You watch over them from a distance

Suddenly you find yourself protective about a person you barely know. You make sure you gaze at her from a distance, watching her laugh and making sure she is safe. Some people call that stalking but hey totally different when you do it…..

Stefan protective stare.png

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  1. You get insanely jealous when she talks about another guy

If you think getting hit in the head with a hammer hurts, try sitting there while the girl you have a crush on talks about how some other guys is just the sweetest. I guarantee, it’s probably the worst form of torture.

Jealous guy.gif


  1. Daydreaming about her becomes your favorite pass time

Your hobbies, work, and social life all go to hell, due to the fact that you are busy lying in bed day dreaming about how splendid life will be once she is with you.



  1. Grooming suddenly becomes a priority

The beard your mother has wanted you to shave for months, the bath your roommates have been begging you to have. They all magically become number one on your to do list, when even the slightest possibility of meeting her arises.



  1. Her Facebook and Instagram become daily hubs

You’re the first person to see her status updates, the first to gush at her new profile picture and start the day with a daily ritual of visiting her social media accounts to ensure that her relationship status hasn’t changed.

fb instagram checking.gif


  1. You get really nervous around them

Words become impossible to formulate, common sense becomes uncommon. Basically you get dumber than you have ever been and probably constantly embarrass yourself, but don’t worry women find that cute.. sometimes!



  1. …did I mention really clumsy

You can sum this one up once again to the lack of support from your brain.



  1. You either make a move or you move on

Eventually you feel those emotions pass, you realize that what you had for her was momentary and while she is amazing she isn’t the one for you OR you weeks turn to months and you realize that you perhaps that feeling is turning into more than a crush. If that happens don’t overthink it, Just make your move!



12 things you shouldn’t do on your first date

  1. Boast about yourself

I know your mom things you’re the most amazing thing to hit the earth since butter chicken but wait at least a few dates before boasting about it. She doesn’t need to know how much money you’re making or how much you bench, on the first date unless you want to come across as a self-centered jerk (You don’t want me)

Salma Hyke Brag.gif

  1. Be mean to the waiter

A girl judges your character by how you treat those below you. They really do, if you come across as an ass to the poor waiter who is earning minimum wage, then god knows what kind of man you might be. For all she knows you could be stealing candy from babies too! As the scene in Munnabhai 2 rightfully depicts guys who are rude to the waiter don’t get the girl.


  1. Forget to tip

While we’re talking about being nice waiters or any other support staff, we should probably remind you to leave a tip. You’re probably thinking “I just spent a fortune on this meal, why the hell should I tip the damn guy.” But suck it up, unless you want to look like the most ‘kanjoos’ AKA ‘cheap’ guy. Just so you know this includes times when they charge you service tax too!


  1. Talk about your ex

No! Just no! Do not under any circumstances feel the need to rehash the heartbreaking tale of your previous love, the romantic dates, the sensuous sex, the filmy breakup. She doesn’t need to nor does she want to hear it. Even if she brings up exes, avoid details. If you play your cards right, there will be time for that later.


  1. Get drunk

First dates can be nerve racking and alcohol is a great source of courage. So you might assume “Hey, maybe if I am drunk I’ll be able to speak to her” That would make a lot of sense, except booze is also a great source of stupidity! And no one likes stupid on the first date.

im drunk.gif

  1. Be sexist

Under no circumstance and we mean that, ever make a sexist remark on the first date. Sexist jokes can be hurtful to women. While you might not mean it literally and are just having fun, she might not realize it. It’s the 21st century buddy, treat her like an equal and don’t make fun of her parking.


  1. Bitch about her friends

Her friend Radha is a bitch, you know that, she knows that and we’re sure the whole world knows it. Nonetheless, you can’t say it to her. Only she gets to bitch about her friends, you just need to seem interested in her bitching. Control the urge to vent about her friends, till a few dates later when she likes you enough to not care.


  1. Lie

We all tell a few lies in our dating lives, but when you’re on the first date try to keep them to a minimum. Because if you expect to see that girl going forward, those lies will probably catch up to you. Also, as I have said before she isn’t dumb and she won’t believe “My BMW has gone for service, so I came in my WagonR instead”. Even a small lie if caught could make you untrustworthy in her eyes.


  1. Reach late

They say “It’s rude to keep a lady waiting” and they are completely correct. When you show up late it shows her two things. Firstly, you don’t care enough to be there on time and secondly, you aren’t dependable. Kid, women like their men dependable.


GIrl Waiting.jpg

  1. Open yourself up… too much

Tell her about your life but keep something for later. Women appreciate a little bit of mystery. She might even find it weird that you’re sharing so much because dude she is practically still a stranger at this point. Don’t freak her out, with your autobiography.

eye roll.gif

11. Look at your phone
The urge to check the score or check that email will have to wait till after the date. Everyone likes attention and your date won’t be any different in that respect. She is going to expect to be the center of attention on your date. Don’t be an ass, if you can’t wait to check your phone, at least excuse yourself to the bathroom and do it.

12. Try to get in her pants
Scoring on the first date, in India that’s about as common as clean air in Delhi. Unless you are sure and she has literally spelled it out, avoid the urge to make the move, be a gentlemen escort her home and be on your way. Good things come to those who wait.


Avoid these mistakes and you might just get a second date.

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How to create an awesome Tinder profile

Lonely on a Friday night? That’s fine because love might just be a few clicks away! For the uninitiated Tinder is a Geo based dating app, that uses a unique algorithm to put a number of members of the opposite sex as options in front of you, giving you the option to either choose to want to talk to a person (By swiping Right) or choose not to talk to them (By swiping Left). For two people to match both have to swipe right. While internationally it’s being used as a hook up app. In India it has taken on the form of a dating app.
Now that we have the basics down, let’s discuss how to build a good profile. Why you ask? Now I know you think you’re the second coming of Salman Khan and any girl would be lucky to match with you. The problem is so do all the other guys! So how do you stand out among thousands of guys, when you have just a first seconds to make an impression?

Tinder pro
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Follow these simple tried and tested methods to increase your chances of getting a match by optimizing your profile:
A) Profile photo (First photo): According to a study by OKCupid, women respond to five key elements:
Women respond to five key elements in men’s photos on dating apps/sites:

1. Mystery (looking away from camera)

2. Prosocial behavior (Seem to be doing something socially positive, like helping a child)

3. Preoccupation with something else (Don’t seem to be posing, a photo of you doing something)

4. Preselection by other women (Photos with other women)

5. Hotness (facial hair, hairstyle, clothes, posture, physique, etc.)
Furthermore, remember a few more things for your picture. Ensure that your image is not out of focus, no one likes a blurry image. Don’t let your first image be a group photo! If she can’t figure out who you are, she can’t be attracted to you. Lastly Suits attract women, Barney Stinson knew his shit.

B) The rest of your images + Instagram: Tinder gives you 5 images, MAKE USE OF ALL OF THEM. It adds credibility even if they aren’t great pictures, it proves that you aren’t some kind of weirdo or that you aren’t a fake profile. To further make yourself look legit connect your Instagram account, trust me it will help you significantly. The major fear for women on Tinder is that you are going to be a creep so adding credibility is very important.

C) Your Bio: I can’t emphasis enough the importance of a good bio. It’s the difference between a girl thinking you’re Mika Singh and her thinking you’re Shah Rukh Khan. On Tinder you are trying to ‘market’ yourself, it’s as simple as that and as with the current trend in the marketing world- Content is King. That means that you have 500 words to mold a women’s perspective of you. To get the best out of it, try the following:

1. Be honest: Don’t lie about being a millionaire or having a penis the size of a cricket bat, women aren’t dumb, they might act that way sometime but they aren’t. So just be yourself.
2. Be Funny: I’m not a very good looking man, in fact the only woman who has accused me of being one is my mother, because she kind of has to but I do have about 96 Tinder matches as of writing this article. That’s a pretty decent number, they key is to make a girl laugh with your bio. If she is laughing she will definitely want to talk to you. As the old Hindi dialogue goes “Hasse to Phasse”.
3. Have a call to action: To refer once again to content marketing, if you want girls to swipe right you’re going to have to explain why they should. A line in the end simply saying something like “Swipe right for man who will make cook you the dinner of a lifetime” can make a huge difference psychologically.

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Get these elements right and you stand a good chance of talking to a lot of ladies on Tinder. So stop wasting your time reading this article (just kidding, please come back again) and start swiping till your thumbs are sore!