Indian Man Rohit Khandelwal Wins Mr World

Hyderabad boy, Rohit Khandelwal has made history by becoming the first ever Indian to win the prestigious Mr World title. He defeated 46 other contestants to win the 12 day competition held in Southport, UK.

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Rohit had the following to say about his amazing achievement “I still can’t believe that I have won the Mr World title. Being the first Indian ever to win this title internationally makes me immensely proud and ecstatic. It’s a dream come true and am very thankful to the Miss India Organization for giving me this opportunity and guiding me throughout my exciting journey. My family, friends and my fans have been a constant support for me and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my well-wishers,”. Rohit who resides in Mumbai is passionate about acting and has starred in a number of Hindi shows such as Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.



Rohit has proved that Indians have the ability and enthusiasm to achieve anything we want. Moreover he has proven that true grit and passion can take a man anywhere. We wish Rohit all the best for the future and hope he continues to make India proud in his future endeavors.


4 Daily habits that can help you lose weight

Summer is here! Now while some guys have been hitting the gym getting their abs ready, others such as well… Myself have been packing on the pounds in winter. So while you should probably be getting your gym shoes out now, here are 7 daily habits that can help you lose weight easily-

  1. Eat slowly: To start this list we want to suggest you don’t stuff your face as fast as possible and instead take your time, it actually takes the brain time to realize it’s full. So you probably will land up over eating without even realizing it if you eat quickly.


  1. Always shop for groceries on a full stomach: This may seem like a weird one but hear us out. If you go grocery shopping on a full stomach you’re bound to land up making a few unhealthy impulse buys (chips, cookies, etc.). So fill up on something healthy like fruits beforehand and then hit the market.

Soft drinks.jpg

  1. Don’t land up drinking your calories: Soft drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol, energy drinks and other beverages are very misleading, because you don’t realize how many calories you drink a day. Substitute your use of these with water. Drinking water will fill up your tummy without the worry of pesky calories.


  1. Eat breakfast: You know how they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? They are right! Eating breakfast in the morning has been proven to help with weight loss. In fact try repeating the same breakfast for a few days, the results might surprise you.

Let us know in the comments if there are any habits you know that are effective. We will be sure to mention them on our Twitter or add them to this article.



An Indian man’s guide to the difference between cologne and aftershave

Imagine this you’re at the airport, in the duty free area staring at a bunch of designer scents with a sales rep breathing down your throat. The pressure is on you need to pick one quick, do you choose a cologne and use it for going out and shaving or do you buy an aftershave and use it for both? Which is the right answer? None!

The terms aftershave and cologne have been used interchangeably by men and designer brands alike, but the truth is that while both are scented they are used for very different purposes. An aftershave is used after shaving as you might have guessed. They help in fighting infections in any cuts and nicks your blade might cause while shaving. Your skin also loses some oils while shaving, aftershaves can help replenish those. The alcohol it contains (I know what you’re thinking.. no you can’t drink it) will help close skin pores opened by the use of hot water during your shave.


Colognes on the other hand won’t help your post shave routine in any way. It is instead primarily a fragrance created to help you smell better. They are actually often activated by body heat so consider applying them to your skin and different pulse points. Cologne contains a decent amount of perfume oils about 2.5% to 5%. So if you apply cologne in the morning you can be assured it will last for the better part of your day. Even though aftershave contains perfume oils, the amount is very low about 1% to 1.25%. Hence don’t apply it if you’re looking to wow your colleagues with how good you smell, because it will wear off in a few hours.

Remember both cologne and aftershave are very important as long as they are being used for their respective function. Colognes for smell and aftershave to avoid infections and rashes after a good shave.


Is the secret to attracting women in their nose? Science says yes

Growing up we all used to watch Axe deodorant ads on television. The premise of these ads was always the same, man sprays Axe, man sees woman, woman literally tries to rip his clothes off! If there was ever a reason to wear deodorant it was this. Now I used Axe for many years growing up and never had this happen to me. Suffice to say I was rather hurt. So are deodorant brands just really good at advertising or is smelling good really the way to a woman’s heart and perhaps her pants or is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Firstly, what we need to understand is that women and men at first glance notice different things in the opposite sex, for men it is the body shape of a woman/her looks (No prizes for guessing that) but for women they make their first impression of you based on the way you smell. A number of studies have shown that women are able to detect the biological compatibility of a man simply from signals in their smell.

Smell bad

How does this work? There are a number of theories on this. One of the major ones is that the pheromones in our sweat communicate interest with potential mates subconsciously. One test concluded that women could even smell sexual arousal in a man’s sweat. Disgusting? Yes, but it does prove that when you’re desperate to get laid women can subconsciously notice it in your sweat.

At the end of the day all said and done, smell is not going to be everything. It will however ensure that you get noticed by a girl and while some theories as mentioned above have said that women can smell how compatible they are with you (subconsciously), I feel based on asking a number of women that it is a combination of things, with smell being just as important as personality, style and grooming. What we conclude from all this is that women’s noses could very well be a deciding factor in the complex game called dating. So boys next time you go out don’t forget to shower and throw on a dab of aftershave! You can thank me later.



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Are Indian penises big? How do Indian men size up against the world?

They say a dog is a man’s best friend but trust me when I tell you that’s not true. Man’s true best friend is his penis! From the day a man is born he is obsessed with it. But unfortunately a lot of men don’t trust in their penis, due to insecurities about size. These insecurities come from a number of places, talking to friends who lie about their size (We all have that bull shitter friend), google and of course good old porn. In fact according to a study conducted by Kings College of London, 30 percent of men reported dissatisfaction with their genitals. While these numbers are global, a quick search on Google trends showed me that a lot of Indians were indeed searching about penis sizes

Penis Snip

As you can see in the graph above the number of searches for penis were pretty consistent across 2015. Showing that this is truly something Indians are searching about. According to various studies conducted the average penis length across the world is 5.5 inches or about 13.9 centimeters. In fact those large penises you see in porn movies they only account for about 3% of the population. So yes porn has been lying to you all this time, not only about how well endowed you should be but also about how much pizza delivery guys get laid! So do Indian men have anything to be concerned about? Well I have good news and bad news in that regard.

The bad news first, the average Indian penis size is below the global average at 4 inches. Some other studies have put it in the range of 4.5 and 4.9 inches in length and around 4.3 inches in circumference. But anyway you cut it we are below the global average. The point is you probably aren’t going to be asked to be the lead in a porno anytime soon. However, before you decide to get depressed and curse everyone in your gene pool, there is some good news:

It doesn’t matter, penis size really doesn’t matter all that much! A new study suggests that 85% of heterosexual women are happy with their partner’s penis size. That is a pretty decent number, furthermore the study found that more than 40 percent of complaints about a partners’ penis size on Google searches was that it was too big, not too small. Big penises apparently are just good to look at and don’t make much of a difference in the sack.

So next time you are feeling anxious just remember that the old adage is true “It’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it”. Just remember why the lady is with you and not with any other man, it’s your personality, she didn’t start of seeing your penis anyway.
Want to know which country has the biggest penises in the world?

Why Eating before going out for a drink is a good idea

Ever gone out for drinks with friends and landed up eating butter chicken at a dhaba at 1 am after scuffing down a few Old monks and drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend? Considering that according to a study by WHO in 2014, the average Indian male drinker over 15-years-old consumes 33 litres of alcohol a year. I can safely say most of us have been there.

As you have probably figured out, eating late at night after drinking isn’t exactly the most practical choice, For one there are very limited places open, you’re too drunk to enjoy the food and according to science it doesn’t help sober you up! That’s right, science has debunked one of those lies everyone tells their friends after a night out. “Bhai kuch kahan le, uttar jayege”.



Eating after a drink is a little too late as the alcohol has already entered your bloodstream, so is there no way food can help you from getting completely and utterly wasted? Well no and yes, you see eating before a meal can be very helpful, infact if you notice that’s what people in Europe do, they eat dinner at like 6 or 7 in the evening (Weird, I know) then proceed to go out drinking. The benefit this gives is that the alcohol lines the stomach and gets you drunk slower. Slower is the keyword here, because if you drink enough no amount of lining your stomach is going to sober you up.

So why haven’t we been doing this for years?! Well I have no idea, honestly I didn’t know this till I started researching for this article. But tomorrow is a fresh day, a fresh chance to get drunk and fresh chance to do it responsibly by eating beforehand.