6 kinds of footwear every man needs

Being picky about your footwear used to be considered ‘unmanly’, but in recent years with minds being a bit more open and metro sexuality being welcomed shoes have become a man’s appearance signature. With appropriate footwear now being a norm, selection of appropriate footwear for every occasion has become a headache that all men must deal with. To make this task easier, we bring you the Indian Mans Den’s list of footwear every man needs:

  1. Casual Sneakers

The casual sneaker has become the sort of shoe that can be worn on almost all occasion (If the shoe is maintained well). The right pair of sneakers can go a long way in diversifying your wardrobe. (Pro tip – White sneakers will go with pretty much anything). Grab an amazing pair and make sure to treat them like the piece of art they are.


  1. Gym Sneakers

In recent years, people have made the mistake of using their casual sneakers as gym sneakers. That is a big no no. Your gym sneakers don’t need to be Adidas or Nike, even local brands will do the job as long as they provide the stability needed to maintain ones balance during a good lift. (Pro tip- Don’t buy a pair that you need to break in, a gym sneaker should be comfortable off the bat)

Gym shoes.jpg

  1. Loafers

Whatever you believe of their origins (Let’s face it there are a lot of theories) loafers have picked up steam in the fashion world, while dividing camps on their ‘formality’. Whatever the case the loafer is a great shoe for everyday wear. Not to mention it is a great look for a brunch or lunch date. When selecting a loafer please ensure it’s one built of good quality leather and ensure to maintain it (Since you won’t be wearing socks).


  1. Boots

Boots aren’t just the style of cowboys and hikers anymore! Boots have become highly versatile in their usage. Whether you’re a chukka guy or a Chelsea guy (like me) owning a pair is a must. Boots are great for winter use, pair them with black track pants or blue jeans for the beat results and throw on a black leather jacket for an ensemble that will leave the ladies staring.


  1. Dress Shoes

While I know the term ‘Dress Shoes’ is very broad, for the purpose of this article they mean only one thing – Oxfords! Not Brogues, not wingtips, just classic oxfords. No self-respecting working man can meander through life without a solid pair of oxfords. No matter how good your suit, a bad pair of formal shoes will immediately make you look like an uncultured buffoon. Spend big on this one lads, one good pair will give you a lot of mileage.

Oxfords Paul Smith

  1. Flip Flops

Who doesn’t want to liberate their feet! This one is a hit among the Indian youth. So much better looking than the ugly sandles we all wore growing up, a nice pair of flip flops is a sure hit for a casual day of hanging with the boys at the café. However, one major error that people make is wearing flip flops out and about on formal occasions – It is NOT even remotely formal.

Flip Flops.jpg

What did you think of our list? Let us know in the comments section


5 Instagram handles every aspiring Indian Entrepreneur should be following


No longer is having a 9 to 5 an attractive option for Indian men. The rise of a plethora of successful startups such as Ola, Oyo rooms, Bira and more has made entrepreneurship a realistic opportunity for dreamers everywhere. The envy of everyone’s neighborhood isn’t Sharma ji’s son who got a job at TCS for 12 lakhs a year, but instead Mehra ji’s son who started an office in his garage and is on the verge of getting funding.

The journey of an entrepreneur while having been glamorized recently, is still one, that is full of ups and downs. Here are some Instagram accounts to follow, which will help inspire you when things get hard and you need a bit of a kick to keep going.


  1. @entrepreneur

What’s in a name, right? Apparently a lot, the Instagram account of entreapreneur.com offer a lot of insight into the life of an entrepreneur, while also sharing links to webinars with established entrepreneurs and also throwing in a few inspirational quotes for good measure.

Entrepreneur Insta.PNG


  1. @thezigziglar

When you follow the page of a motivational/life coaching company, there is bound to be some inspiration involved. Ziglar Inc’s Instagram page gives you exactly that, while not focused only  on entrepreneurship this page provides quotes that are coffee for the soul.

Thezigzglar Insta


  1. @business.king

A Luxury lifestyle is very good inspiration for anyone. Business King has all that and more. Add that to the traditional mix of motivating quotes and you have a sure shot follow.


Business King Insta.PNG


  1. @bangbangmotivation

Speaking of motivational quotes, big bang motivation brings a whole lot of that your way! It kind of reflects what young entrepreneurs everywhere are feeling. So hit this Instagram page up every morning for inspiration to take charge of the day.

BangBangMotivation Insta.PNG


  1. @foundrmagazine

Given the cyclic nature of business and entrepreneurship, it is only fitting that we end this article in the same way we started – Talking about an entrepreneurial magazine! Foundr’s Instagram is different in as many ways as it is similar to Entrepreneur’s. Foundr however differentiates itself with infographics, magazine & podcast links, and whole host of other original content.



That’s our list folks, do tell us what you thought. Did we miss an inspirational Instagram page you follow? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to ‘Stay hungry and Stay Foolish’.

4 Daily habits that can help you lose weight

Summer is here! Now while some guys have been hitting the gym getting their abs ready, others such as well… Myself have been packing on the pounds in winter. So while you should probably be getting your gym shoes out now, here are 7 daily habits that can help you lose weight easily-

  1. Eat slowly: To start this list we want to suggest you don’t stuff your face as fast as possible and instead take your time, it actually takes the brain time to realize it’s full. So you probably will land up over eating without even realizing it if you eat quickly.


  1. Always shop for groceries on a full stomach: This may seem like a weird one but hear us out. If you go grocery shopping on a full stomach you’re bound to land up making a few unhealthy impulse buys (chips, cookies, etc.). So fill up on something healthy like fruits beforehand and then hit the market.

Soft drinks.jpg

  1. Don’t land up drinking your calories: Soft drinks, coffee, tea, alcohol, energy drinks and other beverages are very misleading, because you don’t realize how many calories you drink a day. Substitute your use of these with water. Drinking water will fill up your tummy without the worry of pesky calories.


  1. Eat breakfast: You know how they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day? They are right! Eating breakfast in the morning has been proven to help with weight loss. In fact try repeating the same breakfast for a few days, the results might surprise you.

Let us know in the comments if there are any habits you know that are effective. We will be sure to mention them on our Twitter or add them to this article.



4 Beard Grooming tips to help Indian men through summer


Summer is upon us. Which means shorts, flip flops and shaving! Wait what? No one likes shaving. Beards have had a renaissance in the last few years. Men like growing them and women love playing with them. The problem is the common myth that a beard is not suitable for the Indian heat. The truth is that beards don’t make you feel warmer and they aren’t a problem if maintained right. We have complied a list of few things you can do this summer to ensure your beard beats the heat:

  • Wash it regularly: In summer months your beard requires the same amount if not more care than the hair on your heard. On hot days your beard is bound to get sweaty and dirty (given the pollution in our country). Consider getting a beard shampoo and using it twice a week. It will do wonders for your beard.


  • Work some Beard oil into the mix: Now washing your beard does have one disadvantage, it dries it up quite a bit, nothing worse than a dried up and hard beard. This is where beard oil comes in. The name pretty much explains it- Oil that you apply to your beard. This will take the dryness right out of your beard. (Pro-tip: Don’t use one with a woody or strong smell in the summer)


  • Keep a spray bottle handy: This is a pretty cool trick I picked up online a couple of months back. Use a spray bottle on your beard on a hot summer day, it will instantly cool you down. This might not be related to grooming your beard but it’s definitely a hack.


  • Consider a quick trim: While shaving your beard because its summer is a bad idea, one should consider trimming it if all the above mentioned activities are too much work. This will give your skin more access to air and will make cleaning it many times easier.

Now that you have these tips handy go on and make us proud, grow a badass summer beard. Feel free to share your beard pictures with us on Twitter, our handle is @indianmansden

6 Instagram Fashion accounts every Indian man needs to follow right now!

People use Instagram for a number of reasons, to post pictures of food, to ogle scantly clad women (you know you do it) and to follow the lives of their favorite celebrities. One use that many people overlook is that Instagram is a great place to catch on to some of the greatest style trends. Here is my list of 6 men’s fashion Instagram pages every Indian man needs to follow for their daily style dose:

1. Menwithclass https://www.instagram.com/menwithclass/
Think of yourself as a classy man? Then don’t look further than this Instagram account. With some of the best suits and ties on display, this one is a must follow


2. menwithstyle_official https://www.instagram.com/menwithstyle_official/
This account combines suits, track pants, watches and any other style inspiration a man can need.


3. Menwithurban https://www.instagram.com/menwithurban/
If suits aren’t your style, then perhaps sneakers and hoodies are? This one also from the ‘Menwith..’ group of Instagram accounts is for all the rebels out there who hate having to pop on a suit in the morning.


4. Indianmensfashion https://www.instagram.com/indianmensfashion/
In the mood for something more Indian? We got you covered, every woman loves a man in a kurta. This account brings us some of the latest and best in ‘desi’ clothing. Give it a follow


5. Dailywatch https://www.instagram.com/dailywatch/
Watches are among the best accessories a man can wear, so why not have an account dedicated to them? This account which is very aptly named the “DailyWatch” is the best when it comes to giving you serious aspirations in the watch department.


6. Singhstreetstyle https://www.instagram.com/singhstreetstyle/
This one is for all my Sikh brothers out there! Singhstreetstyle gives the usual incredible formal and casual styles but also adds to it by dishing out some wonderful turban styles. They also have fun Sikh t-shirts that deserve a gander.

So what did you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Feel free to tell us in the comments section

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9 things every man goes through when he has a crush

  1. You constantly talk about them

If your friends didn’t find you annoying earlier, they certainly do now because she is your favorite topic. You tell your friends about your conversations, messages and her every interest (Painting, dancing, Big Boss, etc.)



  1. You watch over them from a distance

Suddenly you find yourself protective about a person you barely know. You make sure you gaze at her from a distance, watching her laugh and making sure she is safe. Some people call that stalking but hey totally different when you do it…..

Stefan protective stare.png

Image rights: CW


  1. You get insanely jealous when she talks about another guy

If you think getting hit in the head with a hammer hurts, try sitting there while the girl you have a crush on talks about how some other guys is just the sweetest. I guarantee, it’s probably the worst form of torture.

Jealous guy.gif


  1. Daydreaming about her becomes your favorite pass time

Your hobbies, work, and social life all go to hell, due to the fact that you are busy lying in bed day dreaming about how splendid life will be once she is with you.



  1. Grooming suddenly becomes a priority

The beard your mother has wanted you to shave for months, the bath your roommates have been begging you to have. They all magically become number one on your to do list, when even the slightest possibility of meeting her arises.



  1. Her Facebook and Instagram become daily hubs

You’re the first person to see her status updates, the first to gush at her new profile picture and start the day with a daily ritual of visiting her social media accounts to ensure that her relationship status hasn’t changed.

fb instagram checking.gif


  1. You get really nervous around them

Words become impossible to formulate, common sense becomes uncommon. Basically you get dumber than you have ever been and probably constantly embarrass yourself, but don’t worry women find that cute.. sometimes!



  1. …did I mention really clumsy

You can sum this one up once again to the lack of support from your brain.



  1. You either make a move or you move on

Eventually you feel those emotions pass, you realize that what you had for her was momentary and while she is amazing she isn’t the one for you OR you weeks turn to months and you realize that you perhaps that feeling is turning into more than a crush. If that happens don’t overthink it, Just make your move!



12 things you shouldn’t do on your first date

  1. Boast about yourself

I know your mom things you’re the most amazing thing to hit the earth since butter chicken but wait at least a few dates before boasting about it. She doesn’t need to know how much money you’re making or how much you bench, on the first date unless you want to come across as a self-centered jerk (You don’t want to..trust me)

Salma Hyke Brag.gif

  1. Be mean to the waiter

A girl judges your character by how you treat those below you. They really do, if you come across as an ass to the poor waiter who is earning minimum wage, then god knows what kind of man you might be. For all she knows you could be stealing candy from babies too! As the scene in Munnabhai 2 rightfully depicts guys who are rude to the waiter don’t get the girl.


  1. Forget to tip

While we’re talking about being nice waiters or any other support staff, we should probably remind you to leave a tip. You’re probably thinking “I just spent a fortune on this meal, why the hell should I tip the damn guy.” But suck it up, unless you want to look like the most ‘kanjoos’ AKA ‘cheap’ guy. Just so you know this includes times when they charge you service tax too!


  1. Talk about your ex

No! Just no! Do not under any circumstances feel the need to rehash the heartbreaking tale of your previous love, the romantic dates, the sensuous sex, the filmy breakup. She doesn’t need to nor does she want to hear it. Even if she brings up exes, avoid details. If you play your cards right, there will be time for that later.


  1. Get drunk

First dates can be nerve racking and alcohol is a great source of courage. So you might assume “Hey, maybe if I am drunk I’ll be able to speak to her” That would make a lot of sense, except booze is also a great source of stupidity! And no one likes stupid on the first date.

im drunk.gif

  1. Be sexist

Under no circumstance and we mean that, ever make a sexist remark on the first date. Sexist jokes can be hurtful to women. While you might not mean it literally and are just having fun, she might not realize it. It’s the 21st century buddy, treat her like an equal and don’t make fun of her parking.


  1. Bitch about her friends

Her friend Radha is a bitch, you know that, she knows that and we’re sure the whole world knows it. Nonetheless, you can’t say it to her. Only she gets to bitch about her friends, you just need to seem interested in her bitching. Control the urge to vent about her friends, till a few dates later when she likes you enough to not care.


  1. Lie

We all tell a few lies in our dating lives, but when you’re on the first date try to keep them to a minimum. Because if you expect to see that girl going forward, those lies will probably catch up to you. Also, as I have said before she isn’t dumb and she won’t believe “My BMW has gone for service, so I came in my WagonR instead”. Even a small lie if caught could make you untrustworthy in her eyes.


  1. Reach late

They say “It’s rude to keep a lady waiting” and they are completely correct. When you show up late it shows her two things. Firstly, you don’t care enough to be there on time and secondly, you aren’t dependable. Kid, women like their men dependable.


GIrl Waiting.jpg

  1. Open yourself up… too much

Tell her about your life but keep something for later. Women appreciate a little bit of mystery. She might even find it weird that you’re sharing so much because dude she is practically still a stranger at this point. Don’t freak her out, with your autobiography.

eye roll.gif

11. Look at your phone
The urge to check the score or check that email will have to wait till after the date. Everyone likes attention and your date won’t be any different in that respect. She is going to expect to be the center of attention on your date. Don’t be an ass, if you can’t wait to check your phone, at least excuse yourself to the bathroom and do it.

12. Try to get in her pants
Scoring on the first date, in India that’s about as common as clean air in Delhi. Unless you are sure and she has literally spelled it out, avoid the urge to make the move, be a gentlemen escort her home and be on your way. Good things come to those who wait.


Avoid these mistakes and you might just get a second date.

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Things that go through every working man’s mind on a Monday morning

It’s Sunday evening and you are lazing around or out with friends, when a sinking feeling sweeps you! It’s a feeling you know all too well, the next day is Monday, the dreaded week begins. If you are anything like me here is a list of things that go through everyone’s mind when Monday arrives


1. 5 more minutes…. Please?
You put the alarm clock on snooze constantly, while bargaining for just a bit more sleep. Whether you decide to skip breakfast or bathing, we all try to get as much sleep as possible out of the morning.

Alarm clock Late.jpg

2. Screw this I am quitting!
Who hasn’t considered calling it quits and just starting their own business or leaving for a life of travel? Monday morning brings out these and many more dreams of a life away from work.


3. How do I get the best seat on the metro/ How do I avoid traffic?
As if going to work wasn’t bad enough, you’re also going to have to deal with traffic on the roads and smelly people on a crowded metro. Not a great start to the week.


4. Oh god?! I need to finish that report today
Remember that report that you left for your future self to deal with while dashing out of the office on Friday? Well you kind of have to now, the dawning of this realization is bound to make the day all the less merry.


5. What if my office burned to the ground over the weekend?
You play out every scenario and hope for an incident that will help you avoid going to office, whether that is the office getting raided by the CIA, a plane falling on your building, or it getting burned down.

Office fire.jpg

6. Only 5 days to go
The countdown begins the moment you step into office, you start waiting for Friday night when you can once again get drunk without worrying about having to get to office in the morning. Ah weekends what a wonderful thing to look forward to!

5 days.gif

So as you gear up for Monday, do let us know if we missed anything, is there anything you think of on Monday mornings that we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments section.

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