6 kinds of footwear every man needs

Being picky about your footwear used to be considered ‘unmanly’, but in recent years with minds being a bit more open and metro sexuality being welcomed shoes have become a man’s appearance signature. With appropriate footwear now being a norm, selection of appropriate footwear for every occasion has become a headache that all men must deal with. To make this task easier, we bring you the Indian Mans Den’s list of footwear every man needs:

  1. Casual Sneakers

The casual sneaker has become the sort of shoe that can be worn on almost all occasion (If the shoe is maintained well). The right pair of sneakers can go a long way in diversifying your wardrobe. (Pro tip – White sneakers will go with pretty much anything). Grab an amazing pair and make sure to treat them like the piece of art they are.


  1. Gym Sneakers

In recent years, people have made the mistake of using their casual sneakers as gym sneakers. That is a big no no. Your gym sneakers don’t need to be Adidas or Nike, even local brands will do the job as long as they provide the stability needed to maintain ones balance during a good lift. (Pro tip- Don’t buy a pair that you need to break in, a gym sneaker should be comfortable off the bat)

Gym shoes.jpg

  1. Loafers

Whatever you believe of their origins (Let’s face it there are a lot of theories) loafers have picked up steam in the fashion world, while dividing camps on their ‘formality’. Whatever the case the loafer is a great shoe for everyday wear. Not to mention it is a great look for a brunch or lunch date. When selecting a loafer please ensure it’s one built of good quality leather and ensure to maintain it (Since you won’t be wearing socks).


  1. Boots

Boots aren’t just the style of cowboys and hikers anymore! Boots have become highly versatile in their usage. Whether you’re a chukka guy or a Chelsea guy (like me) owning a pair is a must. Boots are great for winter use, pair them with black track pants or blue jeans for the beat results and throw on a black leather jacket for an ensemble that will leave the ladies staring.


  1. Dress Shoes

While I know the term ‘Dress Shoes’ is very broad, for the purpose of this article they mean only one thing – Oxfords! Not Brogues, not wingtips, just classic oxfords. No self-respecting working man can meander through life without a solid pair of oxfords. No matter how good your suit, a bad pair of formal shoes will immediately make you look like an uncultured buffoon. Spend big on this one lads, one good pair will give you a lot of mileage.

Oxfords Paul Smith

  1. Flip Flops

Who doesn’t want to liberate their feet! This one is a hit among the Indian youth. So much better looking than the ugly sandles we all wore growing up, a nice pair of flip flops is a sure hit for a casual day of hanging with the boys at the café. However, one major error that people make is wearing flip flops out and about on formal occasions – It is NOT even remotely formal.

Flip Flops.jpg

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6 Instagram Fashion accounts every Indian man needs to follow right now!

People use Instagram for a number of reasons, to post pictures of food, to ogle scantly clad women (you know you do it) and to follow the lives of their favorite celebrities. One use that many people overlook is that Instagram is a great place to catch on to some of the greatest style trends. Here is my list of 6 men’s fashion Instagram pages every Indian man needs to follow for their daily style dose:

1. Menwithclass https://www.instagram.com/menwithclass/
Think of yourself as a classy man? Then don’t look further than this Instagram account. With some of the best suits and ties on display, this one is a must follow


2. menwithstyle_official https://www.instagram.com/menwithstyle_official/
This account combines suits, track pants, watches and any other style inspiration a man can need.


3. Menwithurban https://www.instagram.com/menwithurban/
If suits aren’t your style, then perhaps sneakers and hoodies are? This one also from the ‘Menwith..’ group of Instagram accounts is for all the rebels out there who hate having to pop on a suit in the morning.


4. Indianmensfashion https://www.instagram.com/indianmensfashion/
In the mood for something more Indian? We got you covered, every woman loves a man in a kurta. This account brings us some of the latest and best in ‘desi’ clothing. Give it a follow


5. Dailywatch https://www.instagram.com/dailywatch/
Watches are among the best accessories a man can wear, so why not have an account dedicated to them? This account which is very aptly named the “DailyWatch” is the best when it comes to giving you serious aspirations in the watch department.


6. Singhstreetstyle https://www.instagram.com/singhstreetstyle/
This one is for all my Sikh brothers out there! Singhstreetstyle gives the usual incredible formal and casual styles but also adds to it by dishing out some wonderful turban styles. They also have fun Sikh t-shirts that deserve a gander.

So what did you think of our list? Did we miss anyone? Feel free to tell us in the comments section

Hero image source: Flickr

Have trouble tying a tie knot? Try one of these 4 knots to make your life more stylish

Men look good in suits and ties look good on suits, hence every man should know how to tie a kickass tie knot (And they said I was bad at math). While in your adolescent years it was alright to have your father make the knot for you or have a classmate do it, but once you start working it is essential to know a few good knots. Luckily for us there a number of YouTube videos explaining how and because I love you all I have compiled a list of 4 tie knots that look good and are easy to get a hang of

1. The Windsor knot
Also called the Full Windsor or the Double Windsor to distinguish it from the half-Windsor. It is known for producing a symmetrical triangular knot. It’s such a distinguished knot that it is named after the Duke of Windsor (Don’t ask me which Duke of Windsor). Works exceptionally well on guys sporting a bit of facial hair.

2. The Merovingian knot
Also known as the Ediety knot, this knot has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in previous years due to it being worn by Lambert Wilson’s character in the Matrix trilogy, that character as you might have guessed was called ‘The Merovingian’

3. The Eldredge knot
Invented by a man named Jeffrey Eldredge in 2007. The Eldredge knot is the most complicated one on the list for the simple reason that it involves a crazy number of different steps. This knot will definitely impress at interviews and dates.

4. Four-in-hand knot
Also known as a simple knot or schoolboy knot, this knot is simplicity at its best. However, I am not going to show you the easy way of doing this. Here is super awesome way of tying a Four-in-hand knot that is going to be a pretty good party trick to have.

All videos are copyrights of their respective video makers, none of these videos were created by The Indian Man’s Den