An Indian Man’s Guide to Pokemon Go – Part 2

Sorry for the wait folks, was out catching some Pokemon and gathering some data to share with all of you. For those who haven’t read the first part of this article, you can find it here.

How do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go is different from the Gameboy game, in the sense that in Pokemon Go you simply have to throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon, there is no weakening of the Pokemon by attacking it with your existing Pokemon. You can however use berries to put the Pokemon in a false calm so that they become easier to capture. You must throw the Pokeball right at the Pokemon and hit them, throwing it anywhere near them won’t cut it. (Pro tip- Turning off AR makes it easier)


What is Incense? and how do i use it?

Using Incense is basically a hack for lazy people (such as myself) to catch Pokemon without walking around too much. Incense can be activated by going to your items and selecting it. Every trainer starts with 2, but you can on occasion find them at Pokestops and buy them with Pokecoins. Once you activate it, you should have 5-6 Pokemon appear infront of you in a period of 30 mins. Some say this attracts rare Pokemon too but I haven’t seen any empirical evidence of that yet.

What are the three different teams in Pokemon Go?

The first thing to note is that much like gyms, you can only choose a team on reaching level 5. There are three teams, each one with one of the legendary birds as its mascot. The teams are-

  • Team Mystic– The Mascot for this team is Articuno, led by Professor Willow’s assistant Blanche, they believe in calm analysis.
  • Team Instinct– The Mascot for this team is Zapdos, Led by another of Professor Willow’s assistants, who is thematically named Spark, they believe in trusting in your Pokemon’s instincts
  • Team Valor– The Mascot for our third and final team is none other than Moltres, led by yet another of Professor Willow’s assistants Candela, they favor true strength and training.

You can only choose your team once and there is currently no option to change teams, so select your mascot wisely.


Image taken from Deviant Art

How do i raise the level of my Pokemon?

The two major stats to focus on in Pokemon Go are the Pokemon’s Combat points or CP and it’s Hit Points or HP. CP refers to the amount of damage a Pokemon can do, whereas HP refers to the amount of damage it can take. Luckily both these levels raise simultaneously when you use Stardust (Which you receive, when you catch a Pokemon) and Candies which are Pokemon or evolution line specific. To get these candies you must catch the same Pokemon multiple times.

How do i get a great ball or an ultra ball?

Great balls and Ultra balls which are a lot stronger than normal Pokeballs will become available to users at Pokestops once they reach level 11.

Where are all the legendary Pokemon?

Just like in the game boy games, everyone wants to catch a legendary Pokemon. As of now legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go refer to Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mew and Mewtwo. While a lot of people have claimed to see these Pokemon, I have seen no photos or screenshots to prove it. These Pokemon will probably be given out at special events hosted by Nintendo, which will most likely take a long time to take place in India, sorry lads!

That’s a wrap folks you now know everything to start on your Pokemon journey! Happy Pokemon Training!