Infertility – The behind the doors epidemic facing Men in India

Infertility a term that is often considered taboo by men, the mere thought of it gives Indian men a cold sweat. This has led to this issue being swept under the rug more often than not, but despite it being hidden from common knowledge, it is very much an epidemic that is on the rise. A study by AIIMS, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences found that the average sperm count among Indian men has fallen from 60mn to 20mn of semen over the last three decades! In fact  while it is commonly believed that infertility is the woman’s fault, in nearly 30% of all infertility cases, the cause is a problem in the male.

It is indeed alarming how much infertility among men has increased in the last few decades, so what are the causes?

  • Smoking & drinking
  • Stress
  • Disease
  • Pesticide exposure
  • Wearing tight pants
  • Keeping laptop on your lap

These are just some of the causes for more information on the subject you can visit any of the links cited at the end of the article.

So given that infertility is quite common among men and can be caused by common aspects of our daily lives, we must ask the question, why is no one talking about it? While publications have spoken about it quiet often in recent years, men themselves keep hush on the subject. Part of this is due to society associating men’s status to fertility, this is not even an aspect of modern life but rather something that has been instilled since ancient times. It is a man’s duty to have an heir and to satisfy his wife in the sack, an inability to do that will lead to an end of his line and shame in the eyes of his friends and family. This needs to change with it becoming an increasingly common problem, men need to start opening up about these issues and they require their wives, and loved ones to support them through these difficult times. The other aspect is men themselves! Men put a lot of their self worth into their penises, they worry about every aspect of it, length, girth, look, etc. To be unable to produce healthy semen kills the make ego completely.

Most male infertility is frequently seen by society as arising from sexual dysfunction and is thus associated with higher levels of stigma than female infertility. In fact a study by Dr. Rheta Keylor of the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis stated that, male infertility is an “assault on a man’s sense of self revives feelings of competition, castration, and experiences of developmental trauma.”

Given these issues and that fact that male infertility is rising, it is important for men to start talking about this problem and seeking treatment for it. It’s time we stopped associating our penises with masculinity and instead start respecting the courage it takes for a man to talk about facing infertility freely.


Indian Man Rohit Khandelwal Wins Mr World

Hyderabad boy, Rohit Khandelwal has made history by becoming the first ever Indian to win the prestigious Mr World title. He defeated 46 other contestants to win the 12 day competition held in Southport, UK.

Rohit Khandelwal Insta.PNG

Source @Instagram

Rohit had the following to say about his amazing achievement “I still can’t believe that I have won the Mr World title. Being the first Indian ever to win this title internationally makes me immensely proud and ecstatic. It’s a dream come true and am very thankful to the Miss India Organization for giving me this opportunity and guiding me throughout my exciting journey. My family, friends and my fans have been a constant support for me and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my well-wishers,”. Rohit who resides in Mumbai is passionate about acting and has starred in a number of Hindi shows such as Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya.



Rohit has proved that Indians have the ability and enthusiasm to achieve anything we want. Moreover he has proven that true grit and passion can take a man anywhere. We wish Rohit all the best for the future and hope he continues to make India proud in his future endeavors.

Why the relationship between a father and son is so special

A father is a key figure in the growth of any man. He was there when you rode your first bike, when you broke up with your first girlfriend and through other torrid times. Our fathers might be strict, they might be old fashioned and might not always be the best listeners, but they sure as hell are our first heroes.

From the day we are born he is our very own superman, no he doesn’t wear a cape- but more often than not he wears a suit and works himself to the bone to provide for you. In our little eyes he could do anything and fix anything from our toys to our mistakes. Though fathers are far from invincible they never let us see it, shielding us from their troubles. Sure they might miss out on a few cricket matches, school award ceremonies and other functions, but they are thinking about their children the whole time, while stuck at work.

Some of us let our relationships with our fathers sour with time, the reasons for this vary, perhaps it was because they didn’t spend enough time with us growing up, or because they didn’t support our career choices. We often come back from those problems, but very often pride gets in the way. Don’t wait for it to be too late, go bury the hatchet, because in life you’ll have many friends, girlfriends and jobs but you’ll only have one father.

One day, you’ll have your own child, and that day you’ll truly understand your father and the pressures he faced. You’ll make mistakes but just remember all father’s do and it’s never too late to do better. Our fathers taught us how to navigate the world and we will do the same for our children. A father is truly an unsung hero.

Happy Father’s Day

The end of Playboy as we know it and what it means for men’s magazines

As most of you may have heard, Playboy is on sale for $500 Million, this includes the magazine, cable network, licensing rights and even the Playboy mansion. So if you have a cool half a billion feel free to pick it up and invite me for a kickass party.

The sale of Playboy marks the end of an era, Playboy has been an icon of male culture and lifestyle for the better part of the 20th century. Started in 1953 by Hugh Hefner from his dining table, Playboy has been a mainstay of many men’s lives.

This article is not to report the news its sale nor to discuss Playboy’s legacy, I’m sure enough blogs and papers will cover that. What I would like to discuss is how this signals a change in the way male magazines and portals are viewed. The advent of Playboy led to a seismic shift in how men’s magazine’s operated, while before playboy there were some magazine’s that featured nude people (men & women), these were nudist magazines and often featured less than ideal looking individuals. Playboy on the other hand featured a lot of beautiful models nude, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why they succeeded.


The company is today a licensing juggernaut with deos, jewellery and much much more featuring its iconic logo or name. It has Playboy TV and ofcourse the mansion which has held many legendary Hollywood parties over the years. Despite this Playboy is not doing so well and has seen a drop in revenues in the last decade.

The biggest challenge for Playboy has without a doubt been the advent of internet porn, why would anyone go out and purchase a magazine when they can see all the nude women they want online for free? So Playboy had to change their strategy. In all fairness to them they have done that, As of March 2016 Playboy no longer features nude women. What does this mean?

Well it suggests a welcomed change in what men’s publications do. Till date they all focused majorly on one thing- SEX. I’m not saying that is not important, we ourselves plan to work towards helping men become better at it, respect it and understand the emotions behind it and there are a number of publications that do the same. What will decline however is the focus on “Nude magazines”, more and more publishers are set to focus on advising men, helping men understand their role in an ever changing society and just improving men’s lives.


So don’t fret about the end of Playboy as we know it, there is always porn (Like you didn’t know that) if you want to see women you can never have strip down! Instead welcome the fact that we are entering a new era that will be better. No matter what we will always have the larger than life aspirations that Playboy and Hugh Hefner left us all with, which will probably outlive even Hef himself.



Why Eating before going out for a drink is a good idea

Ever gone out for drinks with friends and landed up eating butter chicken at a dhaba at 1 am after scuffing down a few Old monks and drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend? Considering that according to a study by WHO in 2014, the average Indian male drinker over 15-years-old consumes 33 litres of alcohol a year. I can safely say most of us have been there.

As you have probably figured out, eating late at night after drinking isn’t exactly the most practical choice, For one there are very limited places open, you’re too drunk to enjoy the food and according to science it doesn’t help sober you up! That’s right, science has debunked one of those lies everyone tells their friends after a night out. “Bhai kuch kahan le, uttar jayege”.



Eating after a drink is a little too late as the alcohol has already entered your bloodstream, so is there no way food can help you from getting completely and utterly wasted? Well no and yes, you see eating before a meal can be very helpful, infact if you notice that’s what people in Europe do, they eat dinner at like 6 or 7 in the evening (Weird, I know) then proceed to go out drinking. The benefit this gives is that the alcohol lines the stomach and gets you drunk slower. Slower is the keyword here, because if you drink enough no amount of lining your stomach is going to sober you up.

So why haven’t we been doing this for years?! Well I have no idea, honestly I didn’t know this till I started researching for this article. But tomorrow is a fresh day, a fresh chance to get drunk and fresh chance to do it responsibly by eating beforehand.